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We help businesses
design, build and ship
native mobile apps.

Our apps are the result of a carefully
conducted process:

<span>UX design &</span> prototyping
Zane interviewing an important client

UX design & prototyping

An amazing app starts with a great idea. Based on your story or by analyzing your existing app, we work with you to identify what users need to achieve their goals and turn that vision into a prototype. We align the user interface (UI) with your brand aesthetics and put detailed work into transitions and animations for a great tactile feel and an elevated overall experience.

<span>Native platform</span> development
Miranda doing after hours

Native platform development

We build apps for iOS and Android devices that fully leverage device capabilities, providing seamless platform integration. Our backend and API strategy emphasizes robust, scalable solutions for easy integration and enhanced functionality, making your app efficient and versatile.

<span>Testing &</span> shipping
Captain Bozly on his afternoon break

Testing & shipping

To prevent things from getting hairy, our testing involves multiple stages, including internal checks, client feedback, and user testing. Polishing details and addressing edge cases is crucial for a refined user experience, ensuring the app operates smoothly under various scenarios. Finally, we handle the publication process to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, managing all the necessary steps for a successful app launch.

<span>Measure &</span> monitor
Elliot in the control room

Measure & monitor

After the launch of your app, we keep track of multiple metrics to make sure the roll-out goes smoothly. This includes app installs, user acquisitions and user retention, daily usage and the overall health of the app. These numbers provide valuable insights on how your app is used and how to improve it in the future.

<span>Improve &</span> update
Bianca polishing details

Improve & update

We refine your app, based on real user feedback. As the customer relationship evolves and efficiency in meeting goals is assessed, we make targeted adjustments and updates to enhance key aspects of your app.

We're a team of experts with long experience in native app production, helping market leaders from design through development and publication.

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